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New Year's Resolution

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First post of 2015… Yay. It’s that time of the year for reflection and fresh starts. I guess most folks would have done that last month. I have been feeling quite sheepish about not having made any resolutions for the new year. However after having listened to a few Podcasts and read bunch of posts about what folks have done in 2014 on the re-commenced daily commute I feel even more sheepish… So I have pondered what I would like to get out of 2015 and do/achieve.

For starters I would like to be a tad more analytical/critical. I have realised that I just really consume content, without reflecting on it too deeply or applying it in earnest to see if it works for me. Kind of like consuming an entire box set of some TV series in one or a couple of sittings, to the point where all episodes just blend into one. To help me with that I want to put up least one blog post a week, and yes I realise it’s the second week of January and I am already behind.. The idea of course is to write more and get better at it, but I don’t just want to say share something I learned, but also demonstrate why it’s useful. Or should I have read something that provoked some thoughts share and discuss these. Well that’s the intention anyway…

I actually really, really want to make progress on some of my side projects, that have suffered from fits and starts over the years, right at the top of that list is making good progress on my book. Short aside for those that are reading this and following it’s progress, I have started work on the model and testing it.

I have also been tinkering with a few apps/games over the years. For some reason a few months back, I had been reminiscing about some old computer games from the Spectrum days that I used to play as a kid. One that sticks out was Football Manager. When you play it now, well let’s just say… Nostalgia… Regardless I thought it would be fun to try and build a clone, as I see the potential for some interesting challenges and applications of tools/technologies and services. I believe my friend Jack termed it as over engineered when I told him about all the things I wanted to try out as part of it.

The site itself also needs some love, it’s been two years, so it is time for a little refresh.

Let’s see how this all pans out.