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Build Your Own Technology Radar

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This weeks Ruby Rogues episode had Neal Ford on to talk about the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. One of the things that Neal discussed was creating your own Technology Radar.

I am always on the lookout for new ways of working, particularly to make my learning better. Neal recommends putting together such a radar to help focus how we learn by being more strategic, rather then tactical. That and it serves as reminder of the things we might want to look into :) (well for me at least).

So here’s my first go at putting such a list together:


  • RequireJs (Tools)


  • Gulp (Tools)
  • Scala (Languages and Frameworks)
  • Swift (Languages and Frameworks)
  • ReactJs (Languages and Frameworks)
  • Living CSS Style Guides (Techniques)
  • Gradle (Tools)
  • Play Framework (Languages and Frameworks)
  • SnapCI (Tools)
  • ES6 Transpilers (Tools)


  • Browserify (Languages and Frameworks)
  • Functional programming (Techniques)
  • ES6 (Languages and Frameworks)
  • Dashing (Languages and Frameworks)
  • Phantomas (Tools)
  • Build your own Technology Radar (Techniques)
  • Docker (Tools)
  • Programming by Intention (Techniques)
  • AWS (Platforms)
  • CircleCi (Tools)


  • Grunt (Tools)
  • Vagrant (Tools)
  • Heroku (Platforms)
  • Linode (Platforms)
  • CodeShip (Tools)
  • Git Pull Request Workflow (Techniques)

The next step is to experiment with this visual tool for displaying your own Technology Radar. Let’s revisit this post in 6 months to see how effective this technique was and what has changed in my technology bubble.

Have you put your own Technology Radar together yet?