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SVN : Authentication With a Windows Domain

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Finally got round to implementing this for work. As a starting point I followed the instructions found here. The config looked fine, but after restarting the service, I still wasn’t getting prompted for a log in. After re-jigging the order to what you see below and restarting the apache service (we are using 2.0.59), it all worked. Maybe this will help someone else along the way. [code] DAV svn # any “/svn/foo” URL will map to a repository /usr/local/svn/foo SVNParentPath {drive letter}:/path/to/SVN/epositories/ AuthName “SVN” AuthType SSPI SSPIAuth On SSPIAuthoritative On SSPIOfferBasic On SSPIOmitDomain on SSPIDomain <domain controller> SSPIBasicPreferred On Require valid-user [/code]