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Upgrading to Lenny

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It’s been while since I attended to my VPS, I decided to spend some time last night upgrading my distribution from Etch to Lenny. This is normally a moment where your heart sinks as quite a few things do tend to go belly up, but I am happy to report that I only came across some minor issues and these were resolved in minutes as opposed to hours.
  1. MySQL : failed to start, complaining about:[code]/etc/init.d/mysql: ERROR: Using expire_logs_days without log_bin crashes the server. See README.Debian.gz[/code] Commenting out the expire_logs_days in the my.cnf file allowed me to restart MySQL.
  2. After the upgrade of Apache, my virtual hosts weren’t working. A quick search via Google pointed me to this post - a quick edit of all of my host files and it was all working again.
  3. the php-mysql connector somehow hadn’t been upgraded/installed so a quick[code]apt-get install php5-mysql[/code]fixed that problem.
  4. OpenBD : the only thing that remains broken was my tomcat5.5 Open BD install. Tomcat was working fine but Open BD refused to start up complaining about :[code]javax.servlet.ServletException: Open BlueDragon Engine Failed to initialise tags: java.awt.Color[/code]Since I am not really using it, it’s not that important, but at some stage I’d like to get it working again. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.